Suggested Activities help convey the lesson

Children grasp the lesson application when they HEAR it, SEE it, then DO the lesson activities.

They are even given opportunities to teach concepts they are learning!

Children are encouraged to testify about what they learned the previous week. For those few moments the child is a teacher! As a child testifies about answer to prayer or calling on the name of the Lord, other children are learning that God’s word is alive in their situation and that He can intervene in their own lives.


Suggested memory verses, games, prayers for confessing the Word, along
with the Complete Teacher's Guide included!


Patterns for your puppets and puppet scripts are included in your book.

Puppets included each with their own personality.
The children interact with them:

Miserable Mouse doesn’t listen to the lessons and the children have to teach him what he missed!

Bold Believing Lion loves to hear testimonies about what the children have discovered about Father God and the inheritance He has for them and their ID in Christ that the children are studying in “Welcome to the Family”!

Crazy Cat relishes fighting and likes to hear testimonies about “Spiritual Warfare”, and is very comfortable about having a part in that book.

Sleepy Baby Bear who is in “Spiritual Warfare” but falls asleep all the time and is definitely not ready for war. The children tell him what the lesson was about and how to get ready as there is no demilitarized zone!

Mole who in a hole each week. He takes a dim view on life and wears sunglasses. He is depressed and won’t come out of his hole. The children help him out by applying today’s lesson from “God is able!”

Bible Bookworm has been eating the Word all week and offers Bible verses to help the children to bring Mole out of his hole and to see God’s plan and that God is able to solve every problem.

Donkey is in “Lordship” but doesn't know why as he doesn’t want a boss. The children explain who the Lord is, how good He is and what it is like living under His Lordship.
Bible computer helps the children to give today’s lesson to Donkey.

Faith is in “Faith” but battles with faith. The children help her the lesson that they studied today is exactly what Faith needs.
Trusting Toby believes God and enjoys the testimonies and thanksgiving to the Lord from the children as they exercise faith in God and His word.

Larry in “Yielded” who makes mistakes every week but has the help of the children to cope with Mr Pride and Monty Mouth!

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