Frequently Asked Questions and Downloads

A. How did it all start?

Angela felt a call to write for children at an early age and was ministering to children and writing for them while Angela herself was still in High School.  After qualifying as a teacher and gaining experience as a school teacher Angela started publishing devotional material for children.
Angela believed that the Lord was telling her to write the Bible lessons. Soon this material grew.

Angela’s obedience resulted in the publication of the Heart for the Children 3 year Bible curriculum that is now available to you today.
Many parents, teachers and pastors have witnessed to the life changing results in their children as the children are responding to the Word of God through this curriculum. Their living testimonies show us that God’s blessing is on this literature today. See what God can do in the lives of your children now.

B. Three years, topics and themes.
Convey bible truth in a way that relates to children

What topics are covered?
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C. Heart for the Children bible curriculum questions

Topical lessons on essential bible themes that will lead to growth
What is the value of all the children learn the same truths at the same time? What happens when all the children of every department 4 to 13 years go home with the same truth to live by?

Equipped with skills and gifts
What is our goal for the 13 year old?

Child involvement
How can I take one lesson and programme over two weeks?

Ten books for three years
What is in included in one book?

D. Truths to live by

When children are asked, “What did you learn today?” Children can capture what they learned in a sentence.

These are truths to live by. Children’s lives are transformed

E. What Bible lessons and scriptures are covered in the three year curriculum?

This truth goes home each week. Others around them are affected.

Children, families and churches are changed today as this Heart for the Children curriculum is presented

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F. How to order

You may order the complete Heart for the Children Bible curriculum today

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