Examples of Major Bible Themes

  • Knowing Him
  • His Character
  • His Ways
  • Power of Prayer
  • Inheritance of our Father
  • What Jesus accomplished on the Cross
  • Our new identity in Christ
  • Spiritual Warfare

These are just some of the vital topics that can be found in the curriculum.


  • Easy to Present Student's visual on one side of flashcard, with Teacher Guide Notes on the other side.
  • Stories are about children and animals - Puts the lesson application into the world of children!
  • Encourages imagination and ability to visualize the unseen realm of Heaven.

Life Lessons

Each bible lesson is age-appropriate:
Students will see the significance of the lessons in their own lives, and be able to
apply them to their individual circumstances.


Students discover:

  • There is power in PRAYER
  • That God keeps His PROMISES
  • The sound of GOD'S VOICE
  • The power of WORSHIP
  • and much more!


Teacher's lesson goals are easy to convey.
Students discover that God desires to equip each of them with tools for living
in Christ.

  1. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY: Lesson One: Let’s discover the amazing inheritance God our Father has given us! Let’s discover who we are in Christ!
  2. SPIRITUAL WARFARE I and II : Equipping for spiritual battle. We have protective battle clothing to wear! We have tactics and strategies for war. We have secret weapons! We are armed and dangerous!

See a bird’s eye view of equipping for students on the Products page or see more about our visuals.

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