Three year Bible Curriculum - 4 to 13 years

What is Included

These ten books cover topics that children need, they relate to children’s lives and can be applied by the children immediately. These topics are easy to teach, everything is supplied and illustrated that is needed to convey the living truth.

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FAITH – Expecting God to do what he said in His word

Faith is expecting God to do what He promised to do. These are living Bible lessons about Elijah, Samuel and other heroes of faith. God can speak to children, care for them and answer their prayers.

The puppets are praising parrot, Fay and Toby. What child can fail to identify with Fay whose name means Faith but she doubts and is really very low in the area of faith. The children help her with the lesson of the day which is exactly what Faith needs. Toby simply believes God and His word. He encourages Faith and the children in the Lord and His word. Praising Parrot keeps on injecting a word of praise too.

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WELCOME – Welcome to the family of God
WELCOME TWO – What we have in Christ

The welcome series is concerning our inheritance in Christ. Once we receive Christ as Savior we come into God’s family and can inherit all the Father has planned for us to have. Children are excited as it is applied to their interest level through Franz who himself comes into an inheritance by discovering he is a son of a wealthy business man. Children love this story and ask for it to be repeated. They love the idea of coming into their inheritance in Christ and each week the children discover a new aspect of what God has for them.

Lion and Mouse are the puppets are. Lion is bold and believing and encourages them to testify about all they are discovering in Christ. Mouse is negative and doesn’t listen to the lesson and is outrageous. He tries to encourage the children to gossip the very week they have learned that they are new and have a clean slate. Of course the children soon correct Mouse as they have to do each week.

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HIS LORDSHIP– Wonderful Lord (His Character and ways as Lord)
HIS LORDSHIP TWO –Our response to His Lordship as His disciples

The Lordship series shows our wonderful Lord and His character and His ways. He is worthy to be Lord of our lives. Our response to His Lordship as His disciples is also depicted in life like Bible stories and illustrated stories of children and animals and situations that will touch their lives.

Included are the puppets Bible Computer who is very slow and the children have to wait while he tries to find the bible verses they need but he has been in the bible all week and he has the Bible answers. There is also Donkey who doesn’t know why he is in Lordship as he doesn’t want a master and the children have to explain each week how wonderful the Lord is and how great it is to know the Lord and serve Him.

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YIELDED – Transformation through yielding to the Father

The setting is the life of Joseph and how he was promoted as he yielded to God’s plans and purposes. It is related to the needs in children’s lives through stories about children and animals and through questions that will touch their hearts.

The key puppet is Larry who tries to tell the children about the lesson but is interrupted by Mr. Pride, Big Mouth and an array of puppets who entertain and teach.

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IDA – The work of the Holy Spirit in you

This is the story of Ida who came to know the Lord after a very hard life but who repented and was gloriously changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Ida spent her remaining years totally serving God with Heart for the Children and reaching children for Christ.

Children are amazingly gripped the vivid events in her life and by the many scriptures that illustrate the work of the Holy spirit in our lives. While Ida lived many children asked to meet Ida and she would visit their churches. Now that Ida is with the Lord children will be touched by her life just the same as you tell her story.

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There is armor to put on and weapons to use. Children are prepared for spiritual warfare with the help of these vivid bible lessons and stories that apply such as Tiny the Terrible Termite. They acquire stripes as they progress with their promotion in training and participate in activities that will apply what they have learned.

The puppets are Crazy Cat who is slightly over ready for war and relishes fighting so loves to hear testimonies of the children’s challenges and how they are overcome through the Word and through prayer and In His name. On the other hand the puppet Bear is not at all ready for war and has to be woken up at the beginning and every now and then as Bear falls asleep. Baby Bear is helped by the children to do spiritual warfare because the war is on the go and there is no demilitarized zone. Children can do spiritual warfare as they see from Abraham a child who calls on the name of the Lord and from others true stories.

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GOD IS ABLE - What God can do

There is nothing that God can’t do that He has promised. He is almighty. The children respond to these amazingly powerful Bible lessons from the life of Moses and from stories about children that live.

The puppets are Bible Bookworm and Mole. Bible Book worm has been eating the word all week and is ready to suggest appropriate verses to meet the challenges of the week. Mole however takes a very dim view on everything. He wears sunglasses and everything looks very depressing. In fact he is hidden at the beginning and won’t come out. The children have to bring him out with the lesson of the day which amazingly is appropriate for Mole’s need that day. The children are delighted to tell the lesson and, to their great joy, Mole comes out of his hole! Mole’s problems are solved.

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