Children go home with the Living Word

A six year old was preparing for bed. “I really must let the Lord change my attitudes,” she declared. This six year old was studying “Yielded”. Her mother was amazed that her daughter even knew the meaning of attitudes and letting the Lord have His way. They have seen a change in her life.

A four year old boy went home every week to a father who would strictly ask if he had behaved himself and whether his son had listened to the Bible story. “What did you learn this week?” his father would ask. “You too may call on the name of the Lord” answered his son.

Each week the answer spoke to the father’s heart. “What did you learn this week?” he asked “You too may call God Father,” was the prompt reply. The father realised his son was not just rehearsing the facts of the Bible lesson, he was giving the application. He never expected this from a four year old.

The message hit him deeply in his heart! The father graduated from Bible school and planted a new congregation. He let us know that his first task had been to initiate a boys bible club so that others fathers would also hear the message of the word of God from their sons.


Parents started home schooling and soon obtained the Heart for the Children curriculum. They desired to present the truths that would build a foundation in the children’s lives. They had the privilege of leading their children to know the Lord as their personal Saviour.

The mother contacted us to say that these lessons do live. They had taken it for granted that their children knew Christ but when their children responded to the word of God as presented in this curriculum they realised that the first step of repenting and receiving Christ had never been offered before. Once shown the steps through these vivid bible lessons, their children eagerly accepted Christ.


A group of teachers in Belgium were preparing to teach a lesson from the Heart for the Children curriculum about God the Father. They were reluctant to offer the lesson because there were so many broken homes and some of the children who never knew what it was to have a father as they were from single parent homes. One of the boys in particular had severe behavioural problems.

After prayer they decided to carry on with the Bible lesson. The children responded to Christ and among those who received the Saviour was the boy who had been the most difficult to teach. “I have never had a father,” he said, “but now I have a Father in heaven and He loves me.”